We provide a link between the Owner (Developer) who commissions a project, the Architects and Engineers who design it and the Contractor who builds it. With our skill set in the area of design/cost analysis relationships, we produce budgets for a given project, provide advice on bidding procedures, and provide continuous cost control for the life of that project. We take this a step further by integrating this information with scheduling and risk analysis. Our function is essentially to ensure that the client obtains maximum value for money, in their design and construction requirements.

At the pre-design stage, using EstateMaster we assist in analyzing the best mix and overall feasibility of the project. This will include, as appropriate, an analysis of commercial returns, construction costs, financing arrangements, site servicing, cash flows and revenue forecasts.

In consultation with the Architect and Engineers, and utilizing BIM technology we utilize "Virtual Construction" techniques to explore the cost and schedule implications of various designs  for the project and prepare conceptual estimates.

The decisions reached by the Owner at this stage will establish the Project Strategic Cost Plan. We subsequently monitor the schematic design and design development of the Architect's and Engineer's preliminary sketches into final proposals and specifications.

During the construction phase, we prepare regular reports to keep the Owner fully informed of progress and of the projected final cost. Where changes in the original design are necessary, either as a result of unforeseeable circumstances or to meet the changing requirements of the Client, the effect of such modifications on the projected final cost, duration and risk is assessed and incorporated into regular financial statements.  

Every month, or other stipulated period, we prepare a cash-flow analysis and valuation of the work executed including the value of any change orders. This information can be used by the Owner and Architects to assist them with Contractor requests for payment.