Cost Management

Key Benefits
Know the feasibility of your projects in advance. Set realistic budgets. Control costs from design through construction,
to completion. We increase accuracy and the likelihood of success through the utilization of 5D BIM technology.

Feasibility Studies
Prior to starting a project, part of the due diligence should include a comprehensive feasibility study, Pro Forma and cash flow analysis. We provide the necessary data to perform an accurate feasibility study and compile a comprehensive Pro Forma report using Estate Master and other modeling software.

Cost Estimating
Working closely with the Owner and design team we provide accurate conceptual, schematic, design development and construction document stage estimates. These estimates form the basis for setting meaningful budgets and controlling costs. Estimates can be provided in Uniformat, CSI format or Functional format. We also compile Bills of Quantities for Tendering and cost control, using SMM7 or POMI systems of measurement.

Value Management
This is an on-going Value Engineering process implemented throughout the design process rather than at the end. We assist the design team to design within the given budget. We also analyze Life Cycle Costs ad the costs associated with LEED requirements.

Bid Review and Analysis
Contractor bids and schedules of values are reviewed for accuracy and fairness, to ensure consistency in all phases of construction. Negotiated bids are analyzed and compared to the approved budgets.

Change Order Management
We provide assistance in establishing a Change Order process relevant to the project. Once this is implemented we assess each Change Order and its affect on cost and schedule.

Project Accounting
Bids, purchase orders, change orders, invoices, bank draws, subcontractor payments, cost coding, cash flows, and the tracking of Actual vs. Budget - these all form part of the project accounting process that we help to implement.

Earned Value Management
Would you like to know, at all times, whether your project is really on track? EVM provides a means to monitor cost and schedule and the interrelationship between the two. Earned Value shows how you are doing and tells you where you are going. Ask yourself these questions? My actual costs are less than my budget. Is my project doing well, or is it behind schedule? My project's actual costs are now higher than budgeted, and the project is only halfway complete. What's it likely to cost at completion?